Monthly Archives: July 2009

My CCNA Lab Update!

I finally am getting my CCNA Lab together. Right now it consists of a series of routers and switches to make a large enough design to help me learn as much as I can. Routers: 1x Cisco 2610 Router 1x Cisco 2612 RouterĀ  1x Cisco 2650 Router Switches: 1x Cisco WS-C2924-XL 1x Cisco WS-C2924C-XL 1x […]

How to Configure a Cisco Router as a Terminal Server

I found a couple of articles on using an old 2500 series router as a terminal server so you no longer have to switch out console cables each time you want to configure another router or switch. This helps a lot.

Cisco vs. Juniper

I am currently working on my Cisco certifications however I ask myself as well what about Juniper? Juniper Networks has become a real contender to Cisco and offeres a certification for their hardware and JunOS as well. I want to remain competitive so I am tossed as on how to spread myself out to obtain […]

Cisco CCNA Lab Hardware

After spending four semesters in college taking the Cisco Net Academy classes I am starting to build my own lab for more hands on while re-studying the material. Everyone I have talked to highly recommends this approach before taking the CCENT and CCNA exams to familiarize yourself with hands on to thoroughly remember the material. […]

In-Win Contest

In-Win is having a contest for one of there 2.5″ SATA External Enclosures called the “Ammo”. It is designed to Mil-Specs and uses RFID technology for hardware encryption. In addition they are giving away a 250GB hard drive with the enclosure for their “Design a Wallpaper” contecst for the Ammo. Here is my entry to […]


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